Texas Death Row Executions (December 1982 - February 2016)

For our project we had to find a data set and make a visual representation of it. We scoured the internet looking at different sets of data until we stumbled upon the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Death Row data set. It is a bit morbid but when you look at the information provided it it very interesting.  

Since 1982 there have been 534 executions in the state of Texas. The information provided from this source of data includes the offender's name, race, date of their execution, and county in which they committed the crime. The following charts and maps help visualize the vast amount of data provided.

A full list of offenders by county is available here

Executions Per Capita by County With Income Information

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Income Bracket
Income Bracket
Executions Per Capita
Geo Name
Anderson4$40,000.0058084$40,000.006.89Anderson County, Texas
Aransas1$40,000.0023889$40,000.004.19Aransas County, Texas
Atascosa1$50,000.0046343$50,000.002.16Atascosa County, Texas
Bailey1$40,000.007084$40,000.0014.12Bailey County, Texas
Bastrop1$50,000.0075708$50,000.001.32Bastrop County, Texas
Bee1$40,000.0032462$40,000.003.08Bee County, Texas
Bell3$50,000.00321591$50,000.000.93Bell County, Texas
Bexar42$50,000.001789088$50,000.002.35Bexar County, Texas
Bowie5$40,000.0093068$40,000.005.37Bowie County, Texas
Brazoria4$70,000.00325477$70,000.001.23Brazoria County, Texas
Brazos12$40,000.00201534$40,000.005.95Brazos County, Texas
Brown1$40,000.0037903$40,000.002.64Brown County, Texas
Caldwell1$50,000.0038870$50,000.002.57Caldwell County, Texas
Cameron6$30,000.00415103$30,000.001.45Cameron County, Texas
Chambers1$70,000.0036550$70,000.002.74Chambers County, Texas
Cherokee3$40,000.0050971$40,000.005.89Cherokee County, Texas
Clay1$50,000.0010547$50,000.009.48Clay County, Texas
Collin7$80,000.00836947$80,000.000.84Collin County, Texas
Comal2$60,000.00115808$60,000.001.73Comal County, Texas
Coryell1$50,000.0076276$50,000.001.31Coryell County, Texas
Crockett1$50,000.003736$50,000.0026.77Crockett County, Texas
Dallas55$50,000.002448943$50,000.002.25Dallas County, Texas
Dawson1$40,000.0013593$40,000.007.36Dawson County, Texas
Denton6$70,000.00708627$70,000.000.85Denton County, Texas
El Paso3$40,000.00823862$40,000.000.36El Paso County, Texas
Ellis2$60,000.00154447$60,000.001.29Ellis County, Texas
Fort Bend5$90,000.00632946$90,000.000.79Fort Bend County, Texas
Freestone1$40,000.0019661$40,000.005.09Freestone County, Texas
Galveston6$60,000.00302276$60,000.001.98Galveston County, Texas
Gillespie1$50,000.0025179$50,000.003.97Gillespie County, Texas
Grayson3$50,000.00121975$50,000.002.46Grayson County, Texas
Gregg5$50,000.00122736$50,000.004.07Gregg County, Texas
Hale2$40,000.0035925$40,000.005.57Hale County, Texas
Hamilton1$40,000.008330$40,000.0012.00Hamilton County, Texas
Hardin1$50,000.0055215$50,000.001.81Hardin County, Texas
Harris125$50,000.004269608$50,000.002.93Harris County, Texas
Harrison1$50,000.0066971$50,000.001.49Harrison County, Texas
Henderson2$40,000.0078836$40,000.002.54Henderson County, Texas
Hidalgo4$30,000.00806447$30,000.000.50Hidalgo County, Texas
Hopkins1$50,000.0035478$50,000.002.82Hopkins County, Texas
Hunt3$40,000.0087256$40,000.003.44Hunt County, Texas
Jefferson15$40,000.00252466$40,000.005.94Jefferson County, Texas
Johnson2$60,000.00153854$60,000.001.30Johnson County, Texas
Jones1$40,000.0020092$40,000.004.98Jones County, Texas
Kaufman1$60,000.00107119$60,000.000.93Kaufman County, Texas
Kendall1$70,000.0036058$70,000.002.77Kendall County, Texas
Kerr3$40,000.0049914$40,000.006.01Kerr County, Texas
Kleberg1$40,000.0032142$40,000.003.11Kleberg County, Texas
Lamar2$40,000.0049704$40,000.004.02Lamar County, Texas
Lee1$50,000.0016617$50,000.006.02Lee County, Texas
Leon2$50,000.0016784$50,000.0011.92Leon County, Texas
Liberty3$50,000.0076707$50,000.003.91Liberty County, Texas
Llano1$50,000.0019272$50,000.005.19Llano County, Texas
Lubbock12$50,000.00286747$50,000.004.18Lubbock County, Texas
Madison1$40,000.0013771$40,000.007.26Madison County, Texas
Matagorda2$40,000.0036611$40,000.005.46Matagorda County, Texas
McLennan7$40,000.00239717$40,000.002.92McLennan County, Texas
Milam1$40,000.0024388$40,000.004.10Milam County, Texas
Montgomery15$70,000.00487028$70,000.003.08Montgomery County, Texas
Morris1$40,000.0012805$40,000.007.81Morris County, Texas
Nacogdoches1$40,000.0065322$40,000.001.53Nacogdoches County, Texas
Navarro6$40,000.0048073$40,000.0012.48Navarro County, Texas
Newton1$40,000.0014323$40,000.006.98Newton County, Texas
Nueces16$50,000.00348130$50,000.004.60Nueces County, Texas
Parker2$60,000.00119784$60,000.001.67Parker County, Texas
Pecos2$50,000.0015677$50,000.0012.76Pecos County, Texas
Polk2$40,000.0045757$40,000.004.37Polk County, Texas
Potter10$40,000.00122053$40,000.008.19Potter County, Texas
Randall3$60,000.00124862$60,000.002.40Randall County, Texas
Red River2$30,000.0012642$30,000.0015.82Red River County, Texas
Refugio2$40,000.007295$40,000.0027.42Refugio County, Texas
Sabine1$30,000.0010551$30,000.009.48Sabine County, Texas
San Jacinto1$50,000.0026831$50,000.003.73San Jacinto County, Texas
San Patricio1$50,000.0065509$50,000.001.53San Patricio County, Texas
Scurry1$50,000.0017108$50,000.005.85Scurry County, Texas
Shelby1$40,000.0025698$40,000.003.89Shelby County, Texas
Smith12$50,000.00214735$50,000.005.59Smith County, Texas
Tarrant38$60,000.001881469$60,000.002.02Tarrant County, Texas
Taylor5$40,000.00133560$40,000.003.74Taylor County, Texas
Tom Green3$50,000.00113516$50,000.002.64Tom Green County, Texas
Travis8$60,000.001092810$60,000.000.73Travis County, Texas
Trinity1$40,000.0014452$40,000.006.92Trinity County, Texas
Upshur1$50,000.0039851$50,000.002.51Upshur County, Texas
Val Verde1$40,000.0048999$40,000.002.04Val Verde County, Texas
Victoria2$50,000.0088955$50,000.002.25Victoria County, Texas
Walker3$40,000.0068882$40,000.004.36Walker County, Texas
Wharton1$40,000.0041219$40,000.002.43Wharton County, Texas
Wichita2$40,000.00131802$40,000.001.52Wichita County, Texas
Wilbarger2$40,000.0013265$40,000.0015.08Wilbarger County, Texas
Williamson3$70,000.00457218$70,000.000.66Williamson County, Texas
Wood1$40,000.0042431$40,000.002.36Wood County, Texas

This map is broken down by county and average income information. Each dot on the map shows a number that represents the counties in which executions occur. The dots are also color coded. The red shows a lower average income and and the green shows a higher average income. This is an interesting visualization because it appears that the counties with a lower average income experience a higher rate of crimes that result in an execution.

Executions Per Capita by County

This chart shows the counties averaging 4.2 executions per capita or lower. This chart helps visualize the counties that have a lower rate of execution per capita, since they are not as visible on the above map.

Executions by Month (2010 - 2015)

This data set is particularly interesting because it shows what months are the most popular for executions. As you can see by looking at the data its pretty average across the board. But The month of December is surprisingly low. This raises the question why? Christmas, holidays, and vacation are all possibilities. The clear winner for most popular month though is April.

Number of Executions Per Year Since 2000

This line graph shows the number of executions per year from 2000-2015. A decline in the number of executions per year is definitely apparent. If you scroll your mouse over the chart it will show how many executions each point on the graph represents.

Number of Executions by Race

This circle chart provides a visual breakdown of the race of all of the executed offenders. Remarkably only 2 of the 534 executed offenders were something other than White, Black, or Latino.

County Income Bracket vs. Age When Executed

United States Census Estimates for 2014 were used for income and population statistics.

Texas executed offender information can be found on the Texas Department of Justice Website